The 2019 Virtual Conference

ES / EN / PT

Creating transformative learning experiences

Thursday, August 8 – 9:00 AM ET – 5:00 PM ET
Friday, August 9 – 9:00 AM ET – 5:00 PM ET

About the program:
The virtual DLX 2019 program will showcase inspiring keynote speakers, insightful panels and discussions, and workshops for those looking for an in-depth learning experience.This is an opportunity to share best practices and creative approaches for learning enrichment and student engagement in the online classroom.
Join colleagues from across the region to learn how to better utilize emerging technologies, and develop engaging e-learning strategies to augment face-to-face classes, teach hybrid classes, or design, develop and facilitate fully online courses.
The goal of the online event is to provide an opportunity to digital teaching and learning leaders, online leaders, and digital product owners to reach and engage with stakeholders at the LIUs in LATAM, with a focus on the following work streams:

• Centralized hybridity and innovation
• Retention improvement
• Academic quality, continuous improvement & faculty development

Program objectives:
Coordinate the use of Advantage Courseware, regional/DLSC courseware, and OneCampus, in addition to implement the needed supports for faculty and students, in order to:

• Achieve hybridity goals of 28% online teaching hour across LIUs in LATAM in 2019, primarily by implementing fully online courses in hybrid programs (that replace face-to-face course versions);
• Avoid duplication of new product development within the region for Capex efficiency;
• Assure quality product is designed, developed, and delivered according to quality standards;
• Drive adoption and active use of innovative global and regional products that engage students and help faculty meet outcomes, resulting in greater retention and value; and
• Facilitate excellence in online design, development, and delivery.

Spanish, English, and Portuguese

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